Installation and Service

Service and satisfaction are the key elements of our Installation and Parts Department.

Your new AGA arrives at your home in a large crate – in pieces. ONLY certified AGA installers can assemble your AGA.

Wouter is a certified AGA installer.

When you choose an AGA for your home we provide all the necessary specifications and discuss them with you and/or your architect or builder. Venting options will be reviewed and the most suitable scenario chosen for your installation.

The home assembly is the last stage in an AGA’s hand-built process. Your certified installer carefully unpacks and puts together the parts and pieces of your AGA cooker.

AGA’s are built to last and it’s not unusual for prized cookers to move with their owners. If you decide to move your AGA please contact us to discuss the correct way to disconnection and shipping methods for your cooker.

AGA burners perform trouble-free for years, however, eventually they may begin to show wear. Replacement burners and/or parts are available for current and older AGAs. The best way to ensure we have the necessary information so we can provide the RIGHT PART as quickly as possible, is for you to email a photo of your burner. A digital photo of your burner housing (with the door open) allows us to see what burner you have. We can then provide the correct part.

If you have any questions about our parts and installation services, including current rates, please contact us.

Once an agreement of sale on a cooker is signed and the deposit is made, we will hold your cooker for a period of maximum 1.5 years in our storage. After that storage charges apply. When a cooker sale is cancelled a 10%( of the cooker price) restocking charge will apply. This 10% will be deducted from the refund of the deposit.

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