Used AGA

The majority of AGA cookers sold turn out to be lifetime purchases. They go to good homes and they remain there or they move with their owners. In fact, they often pass on to the next generation. The outstanding quality and efficiency of an AGA make AGA cooks loyal AGA owners. There are occasions however, when a used AGA returns to us here at Belle Vie and when that happens we are pleased to offer them for sale.

Like a favorite recipe, these AGA’s are tried and true and very popular. A used AGA may have a small blemish or scratch but what they lack in showroom shine they make up for in AGA solid craftsmanship. Used cookers come in a variety of colours.

All our cookers are the traditional type, the ones that are always on, so no electricity needed and no computer parts. All gas models are either a direct vent or standard flue.
We do not sell the new model Aga’s since they are mostly electric and contain many computer bits. Our clients are all far away and we could not possibly service them.

We dismantle all used cookers and ship them to the shop. There we restore them and clean them. All cookers get a new burner(with the exception of demo models) in natural gas or propane, new buttons, new seals, new gaskets , new vermiculite and whatever else is needed. Sometimes we have the top re- enamelled. The stainless domes are always re-buffed and most often the inside dome liners are replaced with sparkling new ones.

Then we build the cooker so we can show it off. Most of our customers are far away so we FaceTime or Skype. Or we send pictures, this is not as easy because all cookers even old and dirty look great in pictures, so hard to point out the blemishes. Operational speaking all our cookers are as new, body accepted as is.We dismantle the cooker again prior to shipping to the customer and installation. Prices vary upon condition and size of cooker.

Please be advised, our Gently Loved Cookers are often snapped up very quickly. You may want to check the availability list below on a regular basis.

The following cookers are available:

New 2 - Oven Claret Gas

NEW, 2 oven claret, standard vent, natural gas or propane

We are in the process of building another 2 oven standard flue cooker in black, will post picture when cooker is refurbished.

We do accept inquiries from individuals and estate representatives who may have an AGA for sale.SaveSave

No Knobs, No Timers, No Stress, No Comparison.