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Since the 1920s, the AGA has been a treasured possession and outstanding cooking companion in kitchens across Europe and throughout the world. Today each AGA continues to be handmade and is available in 14 different colors.

Beneath the glossy enamel of every AGA beats a heart of cast-iron and it is the cast iron that makes the difference. Designed and built to be the best heat storage cooker, whether fueled by gas or electricity, the AGA delivers heat to the hotplates and ovens with an elite temperature regulation system. An AGA Cooker is on temperature 24/7 and ready to cook when you are.  Ovens are perfectly heated all the time allowing you to make the most of your cooking time.  With no exposed elements, flames or fan the dependable radiant heat locks in juices, preserving flavour, nutrients and texture. Its efficient insulated design minimizes fuel consumption.






No Knobs, No Timers, No Stress, No Comparison.